Thursday, August 26, 2010

Twenty-Six in Twenty-Six, Part I

Since beginning the downward slide to thirty about a month ago (and fifty, if we're being truthful), I decided that I should make a list of things I'd like to do. I think it's a combination of a wish list, bucket list, and needs-to-happen list. Some things may never come to fruition and others are important for my well-being. And the rest? Well, they're just plain fun.

1)Write a letter to the Editor-I want to assert my opinion on a topic that interests me in a truly public forum. Basically, I just want to thoughtfully comment on something that I believe in and actually have to put my name on it. It's so easy to go through life never really speaking up or speaking out because we never have to take a stand for anything if we don't feel like it. Living in this country has yet to require that sort of boldness, something that I know that I take for granted.

2)Pay off debt-I don't have as much consumer debt as the average American (which I heard today was at its lowest level in years at $5,000, which is attributed to the Recession/Depression), but I just haven't quite buckled down enough to eliminate it. Plus, part of it is a personal loan from my parents since I "bought" their car. Well, it's been more like borrowed so far and I'd like to remedy that ASAP. Or, ASAIHMM: As soon as I have more money :)
Full disclosure: It will take several years for me to pay off my student loans. But I's gotsta start somewheres!

3)Learn to Shoot a Gun-Preferably at a firing range and not in South Central. It's a skill I've wanted to have for a long time. I'd hate to find myself in some terrifying situation one day and wish I'd made the effort to figure out what's what. Especially since I'm not very good at Duck Hunt.

4)Complete P90x-I'm 5.5 weeks into it, and for the most part it's still going well!! I am starting to see some muscles bulge in the triceps area and less bulge in other areas. I still can't do a pull-up, though.

5)Attend a Political Function or Rally-I may have a chance this fall with all of the election stuff happening. It's all just so exciting!!! And, I grew up going to political things. Hello, Straw Poll. I remember you bored me. Oh, and my parents even "chauffeured" a future presidential candidate when he was campaigning in the area for something. I recall being bored then, too.

6)Renew CPR Certification-I took the first half of an EMT course my senior year of high school
as an elective one semester because I'm super cool. Part of the class was to become certified. Since it is only good for two years, I am WAY over due. Plus, I just think it's one of those things a person should be up-to-date on.

7)Run a Race-I've never actually signed up and run an event before. Not even a 5k.
I don't think the Fun Run in elementary school counts. I'm not too fond of the idea of paying to run. It just seems silly. I'd rather pay for fun, not side aches.

8)Create a Budget...And Stick to It-I suppose this corresponds with Number 2, but I have about five budget templates saved in various places and have had read numerous books and articles about them, yet I've never actually fill them out. I probably could have completed this task in the time it took to write this post.

9)Leave the Country-But come back! The last time I left the country was 2004 (Italy and 4 hours wandering London) and I think it's time I venture into the world again. Even if I have to drive the 3-5 hours to Tijuana to do accomplish this goal. (Not gonna lie...driving south of San Diego makes me a little nervous.)

10)Take a Class-I have no idea what this will look like. Cake Decorating at Michael's? Hip-hop Dancing at the Y? Beginner's Italian? Sewing for Idiots? Culinary school? I'm actually considering all of these. Well, maybe not the hip-hop class but I have a friend who did it!

I'm sort of exhausted just looking at what's listed above and I have no idea what to add. I still need sixteen more. Make that fifteen. I just added another one.

11)Read through the Entire Bible Within the Year-How many times have I started this task and read Genesis, thinking I'd finally accomplish this goal, only to quit and try again...starting at Genesis? I have lost count. But I came across a website that has an (ambitious) plan that I may check out. For now, I'm trying to catch up on our church-wide plan and finish the second half of 2 the end of the month.

I think an honorary item on this list should be to review the correct usage of commas, ellipses and parentheses...or not.

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  1. My mom totally took the cake decorating class at Michael's and loved it! If I lived closer to a Michael's I would take it :)