Saturday, August 28, 2010

Do you Thread?

Today turned out to be quite a girly day, at least by my standards.

I hit the mall in search of some shoes and accessories to go with a new dress I'm wearing to a wedding next weekend. Malls are exhausting. Then again, it was the third one I'd been to in three days. And I don't shop. Like, ever.

While there, I stopped by S.H.A.P.E.S Brow Bar because my eyebrows were in dire straits. I have only had my brows professionally shaped once before, a la wax. So when I noticed last weekend that this shop did threading, I was intrigued. I'd been hearing great things about it lately and thought I'd give it a shot. I read that this technique was more efficient, more hygienic since they use cotton thread, less painful and had fewer after-effects than waxing. And it was usually cheaper.

Well, it was definitely cheaper. It was 10 bucks plus tip.

But holy cow, I was not prepared for the pain. It wasn't a searing pain you get with waxing or pulling off a band aid but at least with those it's one and done. With the threading (and I'm still not exactly sure how it works) they grab each hair or a group of hairs and yank over and over and over. It feels like something in between a bunch of tiny needles and the poking of a fine-toothed comb. Weird, huh?

However, I was pleased with the results and more than pleased with the price. The only downside to this particular place was that it's first come, first serve so the wait was about an hour.


I LOVELOVELOVE Fresh's Brown Sugar Body Polish from Sephora. I do not love the price tag. $38 for 7oz and (a freaking) $65 for a 14oz tub. Solution? Get someone to buy it for you. Or, make your own!

I've done this several ways, but tonight I didn't want to fuss and just made the most basic paste. Just mix enough olive oil with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of brown sugar (for one serving) in a small container that can travel with you into the shower. After I wash as normal, I slather the scrub all over my body, careful not to fall on my now-slippery shower floor. It's heavenly. After patting myself dry and dressing, I notice that my skin is not greasy at all, just nice and luscious. Try it! **Other nice additions: lemon juice, vanilla extract, essential oils, oatmeal, etc.***

Oddly, there is more girlishness is on the docket for tomorrow:

-Church and lunch with a girl friend (mmm, hello Senor Fish...they have the absolute best scallop and shrimp burrito known to man)
-cashing in the boyfriend's birthday gift and getting a massage!
-catching some of the Emmy's (I totally forgot about the 4pm live showing when I scheduled the stinkin' massage...)
-picking up the boy (man?) at the airport!

I could get used to this :)

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