Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fatso Tuesday and Other Randomness

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. That means tonight we will probably finish off the last of this birthday cake I made for my friends.

It looks very simple but my, my is it tasty. It is my version of Cheesecake Factory's Linda's Fudge Cake. I love ganache. Oh and please disregard my unsteady piping. Letter are hard! I love doing the little flower doo dads, though.

I start my job tomorrow. Finally. It took them ages to give me a start date. I've been spending today doing some odds and ends that I doubt I'll have time for in the near future. I did my taxes and only need to print and e-file----hello refund!

I also went the grocery store. I think this is my favorite chore of all. I could wander the aisles for hours if left to my own devices. But there is one grocery-related thing that is even better than that: saving loads of money.

We shop at a grocer that has "member rewards." I feel like most large cities/chains have these. Basically, if you sign up with the store you are privy to in-store discounts and coupons. On top of all that, you earn "points" each time you shop, which ultimately turns into money. At the end of each quarter are given special corresponding coupons.

Today, after scouring the weekly ad and the pantry, I came up with a modest list. I know I'll always be adding a few items once I get there based on unannounced sales and availability, especially produce. By the time the cashier had finished ringing up the 30 items, the total was $81.21. This was before any member pricing or coupons were figured. After my store card and coupons were scanned, the total dropped to $19.41. I did not pay full price on anything today and still walked out with bread, milk, fresh and canned produce, pasta, soup, steak, chicken, cheese and hummus.

I can't help but feel a bit smug as I leave the store. Thank you, Ralphs. I think I love you.

Well, the dishwasher is running, and I have laundry going. I am about to head to the kitchen to throw dinner in the crock pot. I'm going to try a new mac and cheese recipe. I'll post it if it turns out. There will be heavy cream, so I doubt it'll be a complete failure.

Happy Pancake Day!

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