Friday, February 5, 2010

Oh Gorsh

Okay, I am officially terrible at keeping this blog up and running. It has been 7 months, more or less, since I last posted and my oh my have things changed.

I am back in the land of sun, stars and fake boobs tans. And sushi. Oh, and hiking in shorts and tank tops.

However, it nearly killed me leaving this almost one-year old behind, though. (I may or may not attempt to smell the Burts Bees Baby wash while at Target...)

Who doesn't love avocados? If you don't, please don't tell me.

Thankfully there is Skype, although due to the nature of mobile children, it usually turns into a session of my sister holding the webcam and following Riley around like those zoo cams you see online. We watch her lick her reflection in the mirror, pick fuzz out of the carpet and generally practice all of her new and ever changing skills.

Let's see, in an attempt to not recap the mundane details of the last 7 months, I'll highlight this past week.

I am waiting for my job to start up, so I have had some time on my hands. I have:
-watched several episodes of I Love Lucy
-hiked with a friend twice
-been a 'reporter' for a friend at one movie premiere red carpet (Dear John)
-saw one Kirstie Alley hiking at the trail head of a park
-eaten 3 bowls of Frosted Flakes (in 36 hours)
-practiced self control yesterday and did not spend $300 at Costco (only $21.76...some was the Frosted Flakes)
-viewed and bookmarked about 8,329 recipes
...and more things you could care less about.

Maybe I'll stop back in another seven months or so? One day this blog will be a priority. Maybe. :)


  1. I am glad your back! And I am glad that you are back in sunny CA. Yes, I am jealous!!!!! I wish we could've gotten together before you time you are in town, call me! Promise? P.S. I hate avocados, but Reese loves them!