Saturday, July 24, 2010

Biting the Bullet

I have been wanting to join a gym for months and months. But they are so expensive!! Especially near where I live. Since money is a little more than tight, I haven't been able justify the expense. Not only are there monthly dues but the start-up fee is staggering. But with my sister's wedding coming up this fall, I knew I wanted to get back into a regular workout routine that will kick my butt and lessen the likelihood of lunch lady arms. Nobody wants lunch lady arms.

So, I did it.

I ordered P90X.

And it's now in my possession.

I've seen the infomercial dozens of times and it looks pretty sweet. It's not cheap, but the total cost is about that of a gym's start-up fee. Plus, I don't have to schlep myself to the gym.

I even bought a pull-up bar, which is currently more of a goal item since I can't heft myself up at the moment. But I figure if nothing else, I can do abs with it :)

It is a 90 day program, which plan to start on Monday. This gives me time to do the whole program plus about 2 additional weeks that I'll use as a cushion in case I need to make up some dates before the big day November 5.

Wish me luck!

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