Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Jam

Don't you love when God answers your plea prayer almost instantly? That totally happened today. I've been wrestling with some things and today after I dipped into Pity Party Land, I was ready to be at peace. The only problem is that peace doesn't usually come easily for me. Dithering back and forth between trying to work everything out in my head and throwing my hands up and giving it to the Lord, I hopped in the car. After all, a girl still has things to do. I cranked up the only Christian radio station available, immediately feeling energized.

After listening to a string of old-school songs (I still love Jars oh so much!), I was hoping to hear a particular song that has become my most recent jam. Yep, I rock out in my car to worship songs. Anyway, I told God, "This is it. I'm almost to my destination. I really, really, really need to hear this song and I only have time for one more song." As soon as I finished my demanding request, the next song started playing. I was happily shocked. God is so faithful!

You've probably heard this song quite a bit lately if you listen to CCM. Here's the song--it's not really a video, just a graphic with the music underneath.

Anyway, hope you have a song right now that makes you bounce in your seat and bang on your steering wheel in praise of Jesus! :)

PS- If I used the word dither incorrectly above, it's only because once a word gets in my head, I have a hard time shaking it. I'm not ashamed.

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