Monday, June 7, 2010

Catch up time

Since it has been a month since I last posted--because I often don't care to make the time, if I'm being honest--I figured I'll write a post just highlighting what the heck has been keeping me away. And I'm not just not writing blog posts. I'm not reading them either, as my Google Reader currently has 401 unread items. If you saw the pile of receipts, bills and papers on my bedroom floor, you'd realize that I'm pretty okay with loose ends and unfinished business and leaving this until "later." Okay, maybe I shouldn't advertise that about myself. Any hooter, here's a quick rundown of what's been happenin':

-I went home in April and saw this little booger.

She snuggled down for about 45 seconds to watch the baseball game on TV. Atta girl.

Looks like she's enjoying herself, but do you notice the white-knuckled death grip?

-Can you guess where we went on a whim one weekend in May?

Okay, so that was pretty easy. We'd never been to San Diego, even though it's only two hours away. We hit up Sea World (total rip-off, btw, since Disneyworld is about the same price but with loads more to see and do), checked out the beach and saw a Dodgers/Padres game. We never go anywhere unexpectedly, so it was a refreshing change of scenery.

-I am frequently reminded how many weirdos are in LA. Example numero uno: I was driving home from work/the Metro station where my car was parked and was stopped at a light. I looked in my review mirror and couldn't believe what I saw. Some dude was playing his trumpet! The driver of the car, who was alone, was practicing in his car. Good grief. And people are worried about talking on a cell phone? How about a guy with a large instrument obstructing his view?!

-I recently made Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls for the second time and I can honestly say I have never had a better sweet in my life. And that's saying something. If you love buttery, sugary, cinnamony goodness and have little regard for a jiggle in your middle, please make these soon. Saturday would work, too. A word to the wise, though. Halving the recipe will still yield about 30 average sized rolls. You've been warned. Oh and another word. I used a half & half/1% milk mixture for the dough and straight half & half instead of milk for the icing and ohmygosh. So good. So so good. Oh, one more thing. Sorry. I do this a lot. I used vanilla extract for the icing instead of maple flavoring and coffee. Actually, I sort of winged the icing, but made sure to add the melted butter (which I'd never heard of before), which made a huge difference, I think.

I think I'll end on a delicious note before I write any more run-on sentences.

Until next time...

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