Monday, December 8, 2008

The Unequaled One

I spent this past weekend with a few hundred other young adults from my church. The retreat was held outside of the city, so that in itself was refreshing. The 3 1/2 hours it took to get there in traffic was not as refreshing. It was a wonderful time to meet with God (well, He met with me exactly where I was) and spend quality time with some dear friends. The sessions were good and I was loving the worship!!

Here is a journal excerpt of my reflections on the entire weekend:

Jesus is the Unequaled One. He pursues me, always and forever. No matter what. Regardless of how I treat Him or (fail to) respond to Him. I want my life to reflect Jesus' work in me. No more compromises. I am no longer going to live as if there is nothing or very little at stake.

Love God. Love others as we love ourselves. Love ourselves because we trust that God doesn't make mistakes and He only wants the best for us. He is more than deserving of our love and faithfulness in return.

Today another thought has been swirling around me head:

Am I living a life that is worth or consistent with being a Christ-follower?

It was a fantastic weekend that left me feeling refreshed and with lots of things to think about, which excites me. I had asked God prior to this weekend to break my heart and show me things in my life that deserve my immediate attention. He definitely delivered!

Here's a picture of our room (minus the boy) at breakfast. Most of these girls are in my Lifegroup:

This picture was taken during the Reindeer Games. It was basically a huge competition with five stations. This one was where we had to pull a teammate across the pool in the tubes while they tried to grab Christmas bows and put them into a bucket. About 90 minutes later my friend and I quit during our 3rd event. Oops.

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