Monday, December 1, 2008

Today is Not Me! Monday

I've read several weeks worth of Not Me! Monday posts from MckMama over at My Charming Kids and decided to give it a shot. Why not? I never like to try out new things. Not me! :) Head on over to her site to see what she and others HAVEN'T done :)

This week I...

I did not offer/insist to prepare Thanksgiving dinner for 7 people at friend's house to ensure that it went well ( 5 of whom were 20-something males who could have never attempted such a feat on their own...) Nope, not me. I am never controlling or bossy. I am always the first to go with the flow and be laid back about everything. I never get worked up about unimportant details.

I did not stay up one night until 3am reading the blogs of strangers, which I wasn't thoroughly enjoying. I certainly have better things to do with my time, like sleep. Which is why I did not force myself to finally go to bed after realizing I had to get up in a few short hours to finish thawing a turkey. I am much more organized and put together than that.

I did not decide to write this post several days ago but forgot what I was going to put in it. I never forget what I am about to do. I've never walked around with my toothbrush in my mouth for 10 minutes--without toothpaste--because I was putting away odds and ends around the room. And I would never be so flighty as to ask my boyfriend if he had seen me move my toothbrush because there is no way I would forget that I had just taken it out of my mouth and was now IN MY HAND while I asked him. Not me. My mind is way too sharp for that!

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  1. Teeheehee, I love the toothbrush one, reminds me of when I used to wear glasses and would lose them only to find them on my face.