Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Great Raffle for a Great Cause!!!

I almost want to preface this by saying "I'm sorry for referencing this other blog so much, both here and whoever I talk to in person" but sorry. I'm not! :)

There is a(nother) great thing going on over at My Charming Kids. She has gotten together some some fantastically worthy organizations that help little ones and their families and put on a raffle to benefit them. It's called Rebel for a Cause and all proceeds go to these families in need.

So not only is it just a great cause, there is an AMAZING prize package for the raffle winner. It's a sweet Canon camera package--that's right, lots of goodies involved!! Check out the button to the left on my sidebar and it will take you straight to the contest where you can read up and get involved.

It's definitely worth your time--and your money. Only ten bucks for a ticket. Hurry, because the contest ends on December 14th.

Happy December, by the way!!!!


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  1. I found you! Another bolg to put on my list :) You are much better at writing on this thing then I am (imagine that). I just post pics!

    Love ya!