Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

4000 miles over five days within a two-week period. 8 states crossed--three were crossed three times, two were crossed twice. A lot of back-tracking, it seems.

I need a vacation from my vacation. But will someone please do the packing for me? And while you are at it, you may sit in a camped vehicle for me. For 17 hours. Three different times. Each one way. Not that I'm complaining. Well, not too loudly, anyway. At least my next venture has me flying home. That will hopefully be a much more comfortable experience. And that's not saying much.

My travels have been anything but tame and I don't expect to be able to relax a little until next week. Here are just a few pics depicting what's been going on.

This was a nice beginning to my travels. I was JUST on my way out of town:

So that is still a headache I get to deal with. And a neck ache.

Then, I had a chance to have a little fun in the snow. Gotta love the ensemble. But hey, it was a balmy 20 degrees, so I had to take advantage of the "heat wave":

After Christmas, I attended an out-of-state wedding. Here's an image of the table centerpieces. I love mirrors!

And, last but certainly not least, the diaper cake I made for my sister's baby shower:

Next up: hopefully a nap!

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