Sunday, April 26, 2009

More Like Not Me Sunday

I doubt Mckmama is doing her blog carnival where everyone fesses up about the things that may or may not have happened to them lately. She is still in Boston with Stellan, waiting to see what their next move is. Head over to her site to check up on them.

If I tried to recount a week's worth of things that simply did not occur, we'd be here all day. So, I decided to just tell you about yesterday instead.

Sunday, at a picnic for my cousin's kid's 1st birthday, my niece did not spit up all over the front of my shirt and it did not drip down underneath to my belly button. I totally did not give myself a mini sponge bath in front of some relatives and others who weren't so relative.

Oh, and I did not keep the shirt on and wear it to a friend's baby shower 7 hours later. That would be disgusting.

My 10-week-old niece did not shriek through the majority of said two-hour baby shower. She's way too mild mannered for that and I'm sure no one was annoyed by her screaming. It was not reminiscent of this:

Happy Monday! Hope yours is filled with less baby bodily functions and ear-piercing cries :)

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